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Automatic Electro Mechanical Lubricators

Automatic Electro Mechanical Lubricators

They are electric lubricators in which the grease is delivered through a small integrated pump.

They are used for the greasing of one or more points at a maximum distance of 6 m.

The period of supply can vary from 1 to 24 months, with a distribution at 60 atm of pressure and a temperature between -40 ° C and 60 ° C.

Automatic Electro Chemical Lubricators

Automatic Electro Chemical Lubricators

They are disposable lubricators used for the greasing of a single point.

The dispensing speed can also be changed during operation.

They have a delivery period of 1 to 12 months and a usage temperature of -20 ° C to 50 ° C.

They are UL and ATEX certified (ex IA IIC T4 / IP68).

Lubrificatori automatici ricaricabili a carica meccanica

Automatic Rechargeable Spring Lubricators

Lubricators used for the greasing of a single point, with a capacity of 100 ml.

The temperature of use varies from -23 ° C to 121 ° C.

Unioeler lubricators and oilers

Unioeler lubricators and oilers

Here you can find all the products that the famous Unioeler company makes available for its customers.




Battery grease pump

Battery grease pump.

Battery grease pump with 2-18 V batteries with charger and case

Accessories for automatic lubricators

Accessories for automatic lubricators

They include spare parts and accessories such as: empty grease cartridges, external power supplies for electromechanical greasers, lubrication kit for several remote points, batteries. is one of the biggest online suppliers of automatic lubricators. It has more than 600 models of automatic lubricators, and it is specialized in:electromechanical lubricators, electrochemical lubricators, Rechargeable Spring Lubricators, centralized lubrication units, electrically controlled lubricators, grease nipples suitable for numerous lubrication points, automatic lubricators for single point, automatic greasing stations, battery grease pumps, accessories for greasers, lubrication brushes and lubrication kit for several points remotely.

It is the online portal choosen bymore than 10.000 professional maintenance workers and entrepreneurs where to findinformation, datasheets for the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of machines that require constant lubrication.

On you can find automatic greasers of the best brands, such as Pulsarlube, ATS Electro-Lube and Unioeler.

All products are subjected to a careful selection of quality to ensure full compatibility and functionality with the machines for which they can be adapted.

On the site you can also find all the main applications of the lubricators and the related photos of their use, as for electric engines, pumps, conveyors, robotized machines, ventilation systems, cooling towers, steelworks, petrochemical industries, electronic and semiconductor, pulp and paper and many other types.