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How much vibration can the Electro Luber withstand?

The Electro Luber is an industrial designed product. Where vibration is a factor, remote mounting is recommended.

Can Electro Luber's be used on Electric Motors?

Yes, The Electro Luber can be used on large Electric Motors. We recommend on 20 HP and up, but read industry recommendations for settings. Over lubricating can ruin a motor.

Do I have to use all the Ports of a Distribution block with Motor-driven lubers?

Yes, you have to use all the ports on the distribution block. Plugging the outlets will prevents the spindle from shuttling.

Can you explain more about the chemical reaction in your chemical/gas units?

The Electro-luber has an electro-chemical reaction which can be controlled by resistors that control the generation of safe, inert nitrogen gas. The user-programmedresistors controls the rate of nitrogen gas being produced.

How do I know when to change out the Electro Luber?

You will be able to tell when the unit is empty when the orange piston has been pushed to the bottom of the unit.

How does the Electro Lube stand up to a corrosive environment?

The Electrolubers are made out of nylon that is chemically resistant to corrosion.

How much pressure does the Electro Luber produce?

The Electro-luber is capable of producing over 50 psi.

Will heat or cold temperatures affect the flow rate of the Electro Luber?

Heat and Cold temperatures do affect the flow rates of the lubers, but not significant enough to negativelyaffect the performance of the Electro-luber. They operate from -40C ( -40F ) to 55C (131F).

Why is Class 1 certification important?

Products with Class 1 certification can be used in hazardous locations.

What maintenance is required?

Our units should be checked for LED action, periodically, as a part of your general preventive maintenance.

Are ATS products durable enough for mining?

Yes, We are certified by MSHA (Mining Safety and Health Authority) for use in all mines.

Are ATS products submersible?

They are all water- and weather-resistant, but only the Original series products with a weather cap are submersible up to 30 feet underwater.

How tough are Electro-Lube’s products?

Our units are made of a flexible, crack-resistantand durable nylon material.

Can the units be used in an explosive environment?

Yes, the Electro luber’s are UL and ATEX Approved..

Can the units be mounted in any direction?

Yes, all units can be mounted in any orientation.

Can I use a fluid grease with your oil brushes?

Yes, One thing to watch for is a build up from the grease.

If I have more than one Electro Luber on a bearing, will all the units empty at the same time?

Yes, typically within a day of each other.

If the seal is blown on a bearing will the unit empty sooner?

No the unit will not empty sooner than programmed. The Electro-luber will preventcontaminants from entering and wearing the bearing.

What is the LED for?

The Led is a good indication that the circuit is complete with the electrolyte, and is also a good indication that the batteries are good.

What is the B switch for?

The B switch is applied to make the Luber go 5% faster.

Will the batteries die out?

On a one-year setting, the Original luber has enough power to last for 12months.

In the electrochemical unit, how long does it take for enough pressure to build-up for the unit to discharge?

On a one month setting it will start to dispense immediately; on a twelve month setting there is a two to three day delay.

Can the Electro Luber blow a bearing seal?

No, the Electro-luber can develop only 60 psi. It takes 275 psi to 450 psi to blow a bearing seal.

I have used the spring-type lubrication. Are they like the Electrolube?

No, spring type Lubricators do not build up pressure.

Is it safe to dispose of an Electro-Lube unit?

Yes, It is safe to dispose of a unit, but first remove and dispose of the battery. Please follow the disposal laws within your country.