Battery grease pump with 2-18 V batteries with charger and case

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Professional battery grease pump (greaser) with 2-18 V batteries, charger, case.

18 V battery grease pump in carrying case

Sturdy mechanical transmission between engine and piston. > Electronic protection to protect the motor and overload accumulators.
The integrated radio interference suppressor protects the electronic parts close to the workplace.
The additional valve allows to avoid possible accumulations of air.
securing the battery via a guide rail ensures trouble-free work.
Moving the center of gravity in the direction of the cartridge allows light use of the operator.
The grease gun housing is made of impact-resistant nylon. > 220V battery charger

battery capacity check display

Standard case contents:

- Grease pump / grease gun
- 2 Ni-MH batteries 12V, 2000 mAh batteries lithium (Li-ion battery)
- Battery charger ra pido (220 V) (70-90 min)
- Operating instructions

Technical data:

Battery capacity 1,700 mAh, 18V Ni-MH
Delivery capacity 80 gr / min.
Maximum pressure 550 bar
Batteries pump 6 cartridges with new and well-loaded batteries
Weight 3.4 kg without cartridges
Length of the tube 700 mm
Tank capacity cartridges from 400
Temperatures: -18 ° C - + 50 ° C

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