Pulsarlube E Oiler - Electrochemical Oiler - Capacity 120 cc - With Medium temperature oil (pack of 10 pieces)

Pulsarlube E Oiler - Electrochemical Oiler - Capacity 1200 cc - With Medium temperature oil
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Pulsarlube E Oiler - Electrochemical Oiler - Capacity 1200 cc - With Medium temperature oil

The Pulsarlube E is designed to offer superior advantages in terms of cost reduction and ease of use compared to other automatic single-point grease guns.

The Pulsarlube E has an innovative design that meets a wide variety of applications for industrial applications.

Its operation is based on the proven electrochemical reaction technology that generates an inert gas (Nitrogen - N2) through the use of an electrolyte and electricity.

The Pulsarlube E uses an intuitive selection mechanism and ensures simple and error-free operation.

This product is the right choice for a very low cost, reliability and safety of the product for most industrial applications that require automatic single-point grease guns.

Technical specifications Description
Type of gas Nitrogen(N2) gas
Gas generation method Electrochemical
Capacity of the greaser 120 ml
Maximum operating pressure 5kgf/cm² (70psi)
Operating temperature range -20°C ~ 55°C ( -4°F~131°F)
Settlement periods of 1, 3, 6, 9 e 12 months
Grease size

60ml : Ø77mm(3.03") x 92mm (3.62")

120ml : Ø77mm(3.03") x112mm (4.41")

240ml : Ø77mm(3.03") x157mm (6.18")

Certifications / IP codes ATEX / CE / UL / IP68
Remote installation Up to 1m (3ft) with a pre-filled lubricant line of 8mm (5/16 ") O.D.
Thread size for installation 1/4" Male NPT & BSPT compatible

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