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Lubricators Unioeler

Uni lubrificatori manuali con sistema a goccia.

Lubricators Unioeler

Manual lubricators with drip system. Made of brass that has undergone a pickling treatment. Equipped with spindle to dose the drops.

Unioeler lubricators

UNI Dispenser dell'olio, manuale. Fatto di ottone che ha subito un trattamento di decapaggio.

Unioeler tank

Nickel plated brass or for greater capacity of aluminum. Used for oil storage, brake fluid.

Unioeler tank
Model DOL.

The Wick model DOL lubricators. Nickel plated brass.

Tank Unioeler
Model WOL.

Angle lubricators, model WOL. Nickel plated brass.

Tank Unioeler
Model OMS.

Lubricant tank, WHO model. Nickel-plated brass with compensation tube.

Tank Unioeler
Model ACL.

Lubricant tank, ACL model. Plexiglas tank for temperatures up to 65 ° C and in glass for temperatures up to 100 ° C.

Tank Unioeler
Model ABL.

Plexiglass tanks with valve. Maximum temperature: + 65 ° C.

Tank Unioeler
Model SBK.

Automatic lubricator with pressure spring.

Tank Unioeler
Model SBS.

Self-lubricating bearings.

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Unioeler tank - ACL model - Plexiglass and glass tanks
Unioeler tank - Model ABL - Plexiglass tanks with valve - Temp. Max. + 65 ° C
Unioeler SBK Lubricators - Automatic lubricator with pressure spring
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