Pulsarlube PLC greaser - Electromechanical greaser for synchronized operation with a PLC system - Capacity 240 cc - Month Type (The lubricant supply time interval is calculated on the basis of the lubricator and the grease is released only when the machine is running) - PLC240 -MON / MAIN

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The Pulsarlube PLC automatic electromechanical lubricator is specially designed to be fully integrated and synchronized with a PLC system.

Month Type: the dispensing time interval is calculated based on the lubricator and the grease is released only when the machine is operating.

The Pulsarlube PLC is ideal for the lubrication of a wide range of robots, conveyors, roller bearings, crankshaft seals, generators, pumps, fans and many other linear guiding systems. In the event of a malfunction, it allows the user to manage and obtain the necessary data from the remote lubricator, directly from a central control unit (PLC panel), without having to go on site.

Technical specifications
Fat container 60 ml, 120 ml, 240 ml, 480 ml (replaceable)
Remote installation Max. 10 m (33 feet) with O.D. Ø6mm tube
Power External power
Multipoint installation max. 6m (20 feet) with O.D. Ø6mm tube (Max. 8 lubrication points)
Working pressure 30 ~ 60kgf / cm² (425 ~ 850psi)
operating temperature -20˚C ~ 60˚C (-4˚F ~ 140˚F)
1 For Stroke (@ 20˚C) MONTH type: 0.34ml / Stroke
INTERVAL type: 0.34ml x Mode selected
Dispensing periods MONTH type: 1, 2, 3 ... 10,11,12 month
Type INTERVAL: Mode 1,2,3 ... 6
Packaging 10 units / box
Certifications Descriptions
CE EN 61000-6-4: 2007 / A1: 2011, EN 61000-6-2: 2005
IP code IP65

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