Grease Gun, avoid unnecessary risks.

Find out more about injuries caused by grease gun and how to solve the problem with less than € 20.

Did you know that the grease gun, even though it is a very useful object, can also be very dangerous? In fact a good percentage of the accidents of the world companies is due to injuries caused by this instrument.

But let's start from the beginning, what is a grease gun?

A grease gun (also called a manual grease gun) is a common workshop tool that is also found in common garages and used for lubrication. The purpose of the grease gun is to apply the lubricant, through an opening, to a specific point, usually on a greasing point. The opening can be constructed in such a way that it fits closely with a reception point on any mechanical device. The perfect adherence of the grease gun opening ensures that the lubricant is applied only where necessary. The Grease Gun is loaded with any type of lubricant, but generally a heavier type of grease is used.

How are these injuries caused?

An injury caused by grease gun, also called an injection wound, is an injury caused by high-pressure inoculation of oil, grease, solvents, water or even air into the body. The most common causes of these accidents are due precisely to this instrument, due to paint sprayers and pressure washers, but occasionally also due to pinhole leaks in pressurized hydraulic lines. Furthermore, there is at least one known case of deliberate self-injection with a lubricator. Although the initial wound often seems minor, internal and often invisible damage can be serious. Due to hydraulic fluids, paints and detergents, these injuries are extremely serious, as most hydraulic fluids and organic solvents are highly toxic. Delay in surgical treatment often leads to amputation or death. Even with pure water or air, these lesions cause the compartment syndrome that leads to cell death if surgery is delayed.

But why take all these risks? Why spend even double the money to buy a Grease Gun, when with less than € 20 (look at the products here) do you find the solution that's right for you?

Did you know that the grease gun technology has been outdated for years now? By now 72% of consumers are using fully automatic products. Did you know these grease gun defects ?: 1. - The having to note down each time the period in which it has been fattened, given that the operation must comply with a fixed period. 2. - Lose hours and hours to gain weight, stopping most machines, given the danger of the environment. 3. - The lack of lubrication would lead to the breakage of the mechanical gears, which unlike the greasers have costs starting from the hundreds of euros. 4. - The danger of the instrument.

So why spend so much money and run so many risks, when with so few euros has all the solutions for you?

With the automatic greasers that our company sells, you will have the chance to completely forget about gaining weight. Once the dripping period, which varies up to 24 months, has been screwed and chosen, the device itself will adapt completely and adjust itself for the selected period. You will only have to write a note when you have started the greaser and once the expiration date of the greasing has passed, it will be enough to change it with another one. The beauty is that by buying two automatic greasers, in addition to not having to follow the process for a long time, you will spend less than a single grease gun.

With Pulsarlube and Unioeler products, provides the market with all the products necessary for the correct operation of any industrial machine and more.

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