Manual Vs automatic greasers: save money and time

Why waste whole days to lubricate? Find out what's the solution for you, for less than € 20

What are manual greasers?

Manual greasers are lubrication tools, equipped with a trigger and a hose with a nozzle at the end. Thanks to these accessories, they allow an accurate dosage of grease in the points to be lubricated.

How many types of manual greasers exist?

There are three types of manual greasers:

1. - With a hand pump, the grease is released by pressing a lever that moves a pump located inside the grease gun.

2. - By hand, the lubricant is released by the manual movement of a piston.

3. - Pneumatic, fat is emitted thanks to the use of compressed air, almost always a compressor is used.

What are automatic greasers?

The automatic greasers are greasing tools, in the shape of a cylinder, which once screwed into the points chosen for lubrication and after choosing the duration of supply, automatically expel the grease.

How are the automatic ones divided?

Automatic greasers are divided into:

1. - Electromechanical charge lubricators; electric oilers, whose grease is released by an integrated pump. They are used for the lubrication of one or more points at a maximum distance of 6 m. The period of fattening can vary at your choice from 1 to 24 months, with a delivery at 60 atm of pressure and the temperature between -40 ° C and +60 ° C.

2. - Electrochemical lubricators, disposable electronic grease guns used for greasing a single point. The supply speed can also be changed during use. They have a period of supply, always at choice, from 1 to 12 months and a temperature of use from -20 ° C to +50 ° C.

3. - Spring lubricators, the lubrication takes place on the single point with a charge of 100 ml. The temperature to be used varies from -23 ° C to +121 ° C.

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Is a manual or automatic greaser better? Why?

An automatic grease gun is better because it includes these advantages:

• - The use of automatic lubricators allows the reduction of costs, given the complete autonomy that they have after assembly.

• - Supply can last up to 24 months, thanks to the long life of the grease.

• -Easy to mount and resistant to corrosion, rust and oxidation.

• -Choosing them will prolong the life of your machines and you will not have to waste whole days to have to lubricate everything by hand. Also consider that for most manual lubrication, the equipment is turned off.

• - Find automatic greasers at low prices, at less than € 20.

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