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What is ATS Electro-Lube?

It is a family owned company, their factory is in Vancouver, BC, Canada. ATS Eectro-Lube has a complete expanding line of autonomous lubrication solutions for every industrial application.

History of the ATS Electro-Lube company

In 1975, the founder, Anton (Tony) Orlitzky, began to design what would become a revolutionary change for the lubrication industry: an electronic lubricant vending machine.
Prior to his invention, Tony had worked for many hours as a maintenance superintendent. He realized that there were many deficiencies in the lubrication industry, especially in the areas of reliability and productivity. The only automatic lubrication device he had seen was rather limited in use because it emitted hydrogen gas which was potentially explosive. He envisioned a single-point lubricator that would work with inert gas so that it could be used in hazardous industrial areas.
Consulting with engineers from the University of British Columbia, what was supposed to be a five-minute meeting became brainstorming hours. The Electro-Luber was possible.

The handover

Tony Orlitzky died in 2006, but his company continues under the direction of his family. In carrying on his legacy, his son, Stephan has created a completely new line of products based on his father's strong design. Completing the product line so as to have now single-point, multi-point and rechargeable units available in different sizes and capacities: the ULTIMATE series, the TITAN series and the JACK Luber series.
ATS Electro-Lube continued under the direction of the family. Tony's two younger sons, Stephan and Tania, took over the company. Following Tony's example, the Orlitzky family behaves generously to improve their community; the family firmly believes in customer service and service to others.
The promise to its customers, both current and future, will be to continue to adapt to market demands and to expand the product line with the same dedication to quality that they have always had.
When you need reliability, security, consistency and competent assistance for your lubrication needs, ATS Electro-Lube is the company to turn to. Contact us today for more information.

What are the values ​​of the company?

As a family-run company, ATS Electro-Lube has a close relationship with employees and customers, dedicating itself to the company and striving to produce the best products on the market.
They feel part of a community both inside and outside their walls; They strive to support local teams, charities and hospitals to create a sense of shared wealth so that everyone can participate in the existence and proliferation of Electro-Lube ATS.
The Orlitzky family supports the strong belief that maintaining local jobs rather than production abroad is beneficial to their country, so almost every aspect of their inventory is produced internally. They believe this is what gives products a reputation of world renown, as they monitor quality control at every step. Quality assurance is proof of this.

What are the advantages of using ATS Electro-Lube products?

The entire line of ATS Electro-Lube automatic lubricators is designed to help your company increase its productivity, reduce repair / maintenance costs and reduce risks for employees. ATS is a market leader in quality, reliability and versatility. This is vitally important in lubrication maintenance.
With over 40 years of experience in the automatic lubrication industry, they know what it means to adapt to customer needs. They always try to monitor the market, anticipate needs and innovate solutions.
At ATS they are dedicated to the production of high quality products. Their facility is located in Vancouver, Canada and they produce almost everything in the home.

ATS offers a wide range of benefits, regardless of the sector you are in ...
- Install the units in seconds and maintain up to 2 years.
- Ensures effective lubrication of the exact amount needed and the correct time to eliminate or lubricate.
- Improve the safety of your employees by offering a variety of solutions to your team, including assembly and remote control.
- Reduces the costs of working hours by effectively lubricating machinery, acts as an intelligent unit to communicate to the computer when the lubricant is about to run out and be easily rechargeable.
- It drastically reduces the cost of lubrication by offering powerful units capable of supporting multi-point lubrication.
- Extends the life of your machinery by maintaining the integrity of bearings and machinery.
- Prevents the entry of contaminants by maintaining a positive pressure on the lubrication points.
- Demonstrated to significantly reduce repair costs, increase machine uptime and maintenance staff efficiency.
- Be a "greener" option by using less lubricant than manual applications.

Ricerca e Sviluppo

They are continually dedicated to research and adaptation to your needs. In their large facility in Vancouver they have: a large R & D room with chemists and engineers, a tool room with machinists, robotics and engineers; our main office that listens to all the new challenges or suggestions you've made; and finally their family of employees.

In their research and development room - or "the lab" - you might find them testing new chemicals, exposing the units to extreme conditions or intentionally pushing units beyond their limits ... just to see how far they can go. Their incessant tests give peace to their customers.
Research and development is led by Stephan Orlitzky and is supported by a team of chemists and engineers.

The main places of the company

The Tool Room

ATS's Tool Room is constantly on the move. Train drivers and engineers are always at work; create new parts, plan projects or assist in the production of parts for the units. The staff is constantly expanding and so is their toys: the new 3D printers are becoming very useful.

Main office

Do you have a problem, an idea or a challenge for ATS? The girls in their office are happy to listen. From helping you better understand their units, to finding solutions to applications they have never tried before, their expert team is here to help you. If you need lubrication and don't think there's a solution, call us!

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