5 reasons to use automatic greasers -

The main causes of breakage of industrial machinery are related not only to the poor quality of the grease, but also to the wrong contribution to the friction points. Failures of rolling bearings are determined in 41% of cases by inadequate greasing. In this article we will give you 5 good reasons to use an automatic greaser to optimize the maintenance of your machines and reduce maintenance costs.

(1) Correct use of the lubricant

It is important that the amount of fat used on the friction zones is correct in terms of quantity and dosed frequency. When an operator goes manually to perform a lubrication operation, even if it has been programmed for some time, it supplies the lubricant with a certain frequency and a dosage that hardly meets the real needs. In almost all cases it happens that the system is lubricated too early and reaches insufficient lubrication conditions long before the next scheduled maintenance.

Operators often perform the operations of greasing the bearings with a certain linearity: distribute the grease inside the bearing until it is seen to come out of the gasket. However, the result could be unexpected. In fact, the excess of lubricant in the initial phase and subsequent to its use and the lack towards the end of the maintenance cycle would both involve an increase in frictions and operating temperatures, due to the obstruction caused by the high quantity of grease in the first case and prolonged contact between rolling elements and slopes in the second. With the help of an automatic lubricator, the requirements of the application will be respected both in terms of quantity and frequency of lubrication.

(2) Fault reduction

The aforementioned helps to ensure that the rolling bearing does not overheat with the consequent risk of seizure or breakage. In fact, by reducing the risk of the mechanical element operating in inadequate lubrication conditions, the risk of breakages, typical in the case of non-lubrication, is also considerably reduced. For example, if we consider the case of rolling bearings, experience leads to the conclusion that over 40% of malfunctions are caused by the lubrication factor.

(3) Drastic lowering of costs

The costs are influenced by two fundamental factors: the first, just seen, linked to the reduction of damaged items and the consequent reduction in purchases and related stocks, while the second is linked to the staff. In fact, by reducing the lubrication interventions, automatically managed by the lubricators, the personnel involved in the scheduled lubrication operations find themselves in the conditions of the automatic system control only. In some cases, this activity can be managed directly from the PC and then divert resources to the remaining maintenance operations that cannot be managed automatically.

(4) Greater security

Think about when you need to lubricate uncomfortable parts far from your company several times a year, perhaps having to use a forklift or in difficult working conditions for maintenance operators. These operations can be reduced simply by replacing the lubricant cartridge, which can only be performed once a year.

(5) Increased performance of the mechanical organ

Finally, in terms of time, quantity of lubricant used, productivity, due to the reduction of the effect of machine stops, there is an increase in machine performance, thanks also to the limitation of high temperatures and therefore to the subsequent reduction of wear and tear and corrosion.

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