The 5 most common applications of automatic greasers -

Automatic lubricators are used in many sectors, thanks to their features and functionality. In this article we will inform you about the 5 most common applications of automatic lubricators, suitable for the most specific jobs.

(1) Conveyors

Transporters are widely used in the cement, mining, iron and steel, food / beverage and brewing industries. They are key elements to maintain the high productivity and efficiency of production operations and are subject to strong contamination of dust / dirt, high water, chemicals and other corrosive materials. The greasing units are normally mounted on the bearing seats to lubricate the pulley bearings.

(2) Steelworks

A modern integrated steel plant has the following functions for the production of primary steel products:

  • - iron production (conversion of ore into liquid iron)
  • - steelmaking (conversion of cast iron into liquid steel)
  • - melting (solidification of liquid steel)
  • - roughing (block size reduction)
  • - product lamination (finished forms).

The steelworks is one of the sectors in which the automatic lubricator is widespread and prevalent due to the various places inaccessible to maintenance workers. Because of its enormous scale, a modern steel mill is staffless and completely automated. The length of transport systems that transport iron ore, coal (coke) and limestone usually reaches several kilometers. The equipment of the steel works works in various conditions; with extremely low temperatures at high temperatures, from low speed to high speed, severe contamination from dust to a wet vapor environment. Some steel mills are small but have many rotating equipment suitable for automatic single-point lubricators such as conveyors, motors, traction bearings, etc. Not only do the larger steel mills need a greaser, but even smaller steel mills with many rotational equipment need advantageously to use the automatic greaser.

(3) Cement plant

The operating conditions are very strong, extreme temperatures and high densities of cement dust in the air. Cement production causes environmental impacts at all stages of the process. These are the conditions of air pollution in the form of dust, gas, noise and noise during the use of machinery and during sandblasting in quarries, and damage during extraction. A cement production system able to offer transport services from quarries to cement and the transport of cement to the port, ovens, crushers, bucket elevators and transport trucks.

(4) Food and beverage industry

Maintaining food and drink is a big challenge. The absolute priority is the cleaning of the work area and of the machine, as it returns the profits of the company. Like any other industry, it also involves numerous mechanical systems that need to be systematically lubricated. These food and beverage industries often operate 24 hours a day and 7 days a week and are exposed to high temperatures from food, water (steam) and contaminants. Therefore, the adoption of the best lubrication solution with the use of a food grease is a must to solve the maintenance challenge.

(5) Mining industry

One of the top priorities for heavy sites like the mining industry is to remain competitive in the market while maximizing cost effectiveness. And there are also many challenges to overcome; many workers, long-term working hours, heavy equipment, difficult environment and repair costs. And the bottom line is to reduce costs by applying preventive maintenance that naturally involves the right lubrication system. suggests an automatic lubricator suitable for the mining industry that can supply a quantity of fresh fat to the lubrication points in any hostile environment. And they are also accompanied by an ATEX certificate that certifies their use in hazardous areas.

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